A New Orleans assistant city attorney – Jason Cantrell – has been suspended from his duties after a joint fell out of his pocket…while he was speaking to a police officer in a court room.

According to New Orleans Police Officer Garry Flot, he was speaking with Mr. Cantrell in magistrate court when a “marijuana cigarette flew out of his [Cantrell’s] pocket.” Cantrell was issued a summons for possession and suspended from his city job without pay.

The story gets even more interesting when we learn that Cantrell’s wife is running for New Orleans City Council.

“I am very angry, embarrassed, and disappointed to learn about my husband’s bad decision and lack of judgment today,” she said in a statement. “I absolutely do not condone his actions. He has resigned his position with the City Attorney’s Office, and he will accept the legal consequences as the judicial process takes its course.”

Your husband becoming a laughingstock in the city you’re running for council in cannot be the best feeling in the world. I’m sure at least one former city attorney in New Orleans is sleeping on the couch for the foreseeable future.

– Joe Klare

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