Amendment 64 – a measure on the ballot in Colorado that would legalize and regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol – has picked up another big endorsement…or should I say, another 300+ big endorsements?

At a press conference today over 300 doctors will endorse Amendment 64including Dr. Larry Bedard, former president of the American College of Emergency Physicians, and Dr. Bruce Madison, associate medical director of the faculty at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and vice-chair of the Council on Legislation for the Colorado Medical Society.

Betty Aldworth is an Amendment 64 spokeswoman and she says, “Marijuana prohibition has negative ramifications for individuals and communities, and those negative effects certainly include negative health effects. [And] the physicians helping us recognize that marijuana prohibition has failed Colorado citizens and communities, so they’re joining us in support of this policy change.”

These doctors can hardly be accused of being young “burn-outs” who want legal weed. They are well-respected in a difficult and esteemed field, and they think marijuana should be regulated instead of left to criminals in the black market.

Every day more and more people are coming to the same conclusion.

– Joe Klare

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Joe Klare has been writing about marijuana issues for the past 5 years online, in print and on air.

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