Yesterday was the 75th anniversary of the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act going into effect, a bill which effectively prohibited cannabis on a federal level. 20 million arrests (just since 1965) later, what have we got? Marijuana use continues to go up and is now more available than ever.

In 1937, most people didn’t even know what marijuana was; now it is in every facet of pop and political culture. There are few government policies that have so blatantly failed, and that’s saying something since the U.S. federal government churns out failed policies on a yearly basis.

A majority of people now say marijuana should be legal for adults for any reason, and medical marijuana is one of the best-polling issues there is.

How many birthdays will marijuana prohibition see? 80? 90? Surely not 100? It’s hard to imagine federal marijuana prohibition being intact 25 years from now with all the momentum the movement now enjoys, but we must remember that prohibition is propped up by a lot of money, and money is a very hard thing to overcome, even if you have the votes.

Which is why advocates must work harder than ever. The end is so close, now is not the time to give anything less than 100%.

– Joe Klare

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