A disabled grandmother in California managed to turn back 13 men who were trying to rob her medical marijuana grow op…with a can of bear spray. The lead intruder was even brandishing a shotgun.

When the elderly woman answered the door – armed with her bear spray – the men began demanding her marijuana. She then emptied the bear spray can onto the first three intruders, including the one with the shotgun. The woman didn’t notice how many men she had run off until she counted them as they scattered.

“Running as fast as they can away in two different directions and there was 13 of them,” the woman said.

They were running away scared and empty-handed from a disabled grandmother.

“Put that much energy to come, and take it from someone is just chicken,” she said.

Chicken indeed. Thirteen grown men coming to rob a poor old woman are likely to be run off by the slightest bump in the road, considering they had no guts to begin with.

– Joe Klare

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