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This review comes to us from Canadian marijuana activist and the man whose court case struck down Canada’s personal marijuana possession and production laws, Matt Mernagh.

Marijuana Review God’s White Lightning

The moment God’s White Lightning buds are busted up you’re are hit with an exotic almost toxic smell that is for sure going to overwhelm. It’s the kind of pungent sort of skunky stank that is going to get your toker senses tingling. BC breeder Jordan of the Islands has combined their exceedingly resinous God Bud with White Lightning (White Widow x Northern Lights) to create a marvelous cannabis strain. Exceedingly dense resinous nugs are going to gum up your scissors or grinders. Just a little goes a long way, allowing you to either roll, pack, or vape less. Or you can get a really awesome lengthy buzz on. God’s White Lightning has a sedate speedy high. I was gifted a pack of these marijuana seeds for my legal grow and they produced a very solid single cola, short, compact cannabis plant. Handled my summer heat well.

Matt Mernagh inhaled and reviewed 150 different kinds of pot for his 192 colorpage Marijuana Smoker’s GuideBook The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains

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