A few months ago we told you that one of the most-respected medical cannabis dispensaries in the country was being forced to close its doors due to federal pressure on their landlord. We are now happy to report that the Berkeley Patients Group has found another home and is currently in the renovation phase of their new location.

Construction crews have been working on a small, dilapidated one-story building at 2366 San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley and are slowly making it into BPG’s new dispensary. The new spot is only a few blocks away from their old location.

BPG is scheduled to present its plans to the Medical Cannabis Commission in September and show how it will comply with health and safety laws, according to Elizabeth Greene, a city planner who staffs the commission.

“Staff is aware that BPG has selected a new location which it would like to open as soon as possible,” Greene said in an email to Berkeleyside. “Part of that process involves an MCC review of how the relocated dispensary will meet Berkeley’s medical cannabis dispensary safety and operational standards; the purpose of the review is to allow the commission to advise staff whether BPG’s strategy for compliance with these standards at the relocated site is appropriate.”

U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag is not likely to be pleased with these new developments. She told BPG to take a hike from the first location because they were within 1,000 feet of a school, but since then she has told Harborside Health Center to close for no other reason than they are big. Meaning, if she wants BPG to not open in its new location, she will say so and give no reason whatsoever if she doesn’t feel like it. She will simply threaten, then send in agents if need be.

– Joe Klare