Last month we reported that the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act needed help to get on the ballot, and we are happy to report the final push was successful in getting marijuana legalization on the ballot this fall.

The OCTA got over 33,000 valid signatures in less than a month, giving it over 88,000 total, about a thousand more than needed.

The initiative will appear on the Oregon ballot as “Measure 80.” According to the campaign, Measure 80 would “regulate cannabis (marijuana) for adults 21 years of age and older, with commercial sales only through state-licensed stores. Ninety percent of tax revenue, estimated at more than $140 million annually, would go to the state’s battered general fund. Seven percent of tax proceeds would go toward funding drug treatment programs, and much of the remaining revenue would be directed toward kickstarting and promoting Oregon’s hemp food, fiber and bio-fuel industries.”

And now advocates must work even harder in the next 4 months to make sure voters are aware of Measure 80 and what it means for them. But it seems like legalization supporters in Oregon have the kind of  “ground game” needed to get things done.

Oregon joins Washington and Colorado in the exclusive group of states that have cannabis legalization on the ballot this fall.

– Joe Klare