The federal government recently stepped up their crackdown on legal medical marijuana operations, especially in CA when they attacked Harborside Health Center, the biggest medical marijuana dispensary in the world and one that violates no state or local laws.

The largest medical marijuana advocacy group in the country, Americans for Safe Access, recently sent out an email alert letting supporters know how they can help fight back.

In what represents a serious escalation in the federal attack on safe access to medical cannabis in California, Northern California US Attorney Melinda Haag has initiated property forfeiture proceedings against the landlord of Harborside Health Center’s two locations in the Bay Area.We need your help right now to push back on the federal assault.

Harborside is fighting this cruel federal action, and so are we. On June 7th, Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress he will only enforce against dispensaries violating state law. In her statement on the raid, Ms. Haag admitted that Harborside was breaking no local laws. Join us in demanding that Obama rein in this out-of-control prosecutor and respect state laws!

If you haven’t signed our petition asking Holder to be a man of his word and stop the raids of state-permitted cooperatives and collectives, please do so now. If you live in the region, you can call Obama’s Bay Area campaign headquarters and ask that he reign in or remove US Attorney Melinda Haag. Call 510 863 9632 to reach the campaign. Remember to be brief and courteous.

Harborside is a model medical cannabis collective, enjoying the strong support of local and state officials. Serving 100,000 patients, founders Steve DeAngelo and David Weddingdress pioneered security, doctor verification, comprehensive wellness and cannabis testing services that are beginning to transform the distribution of cannabis – by putting the patients’ needs first. Zealous prosecutor Haag needs to shut them down so that the drug warriors can continue to claim that cannabis has no medical value – by destroying the evidence that Harborside has helped make tens of thousands of people’s lives better.

You can take an active part in the movement by following us on FacebookTwitter, and sharing ASA Executive Director Steph Sherer’s Huffington Post blog. This summer, we will turn up the heat on the Obama administration to stop the raids. Join or donate today to help support nationwide actions to demand respect for state medical cannabis laws.

The federal government will continue to hurt patients and destroy jobs unless we do something about it. It seems our voice in not yet loud enough. We need to increase the volume.

– Joe Klare

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