In a move against patients, the Los Angeles City Council voted today to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in the city – even though a recent court decision have ruled against such a ban by cities.

Led by Coucilmember Huizar, the ban sets to abolish store-front dispensaries in Los Angeles that most patients use to get their medicine. In a move to appease medical marijuana patients, Huizar encourages patients to grow their own — but opponents say it is very hard to grow in a city as closely packed as Los Angeles and even more so if the person is very ill.

A second proposal was also voted on by the council to start a process for a softer ban by limiting dispensaries in the city to an approximately 180 pre-ICO dispensaries. This limited dispensary idea is only a proposal at this point and will have to circulate through the city departments for review before any type of final ordinance is brought back before the Council and voted on. This process could take months to see a vote.


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  1. yankee2

    “In a move to appease medical marijuana patients, Huizar encourages patients to grow their own…” is a bit like refusing to sell people food, but suggesting that they can always grow their own.

    We don’t have farms, and most of us don’t have gardens. It would be ridiculous if it weren’t so serious. The City of Los Angeles intends to deny legal medical marijuana patients reasonable access to their medicine?

    That’s absurd! The excuse, that dispensaries attract crime, has NOT been demonstrated. The people I know who smoke pot don’t do crime, of ANY kind. And why should they? The people who use them are 10% of all the people who patronize Von’s and Rite-Aid. I would bet my left nut that there is no significant increase in crime in the area of MM dispensaries.

    People have COMPLAINED? Well I think too bad! SOMEBODY complains about virtually EVERYTHING! What they are complaining about is (APPARENTLY) that stoners walk by. So what? I would wager that MM patients RARELY produce any legitimate problems.

    And what value are decisions made like this: One councilman (so I understand) changed his vote, just so he could leave the meeting sooner?

    I believe that the case against Medical Marijuana dispensaries in LA is TOTALLY trumped up, and so COMPLETELY ILLEGITIMATE.

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