Officials from the feds on down to the local level raided a large marijuana grow on state land in Idaho recently.

Caribou County Sheriff Ric Anderson says there were well over 10,000 marijuana plants, possibly worth more than $20 million, in a series of grow operations. He says it is one of the largest marijuana busts in state history.

Sheriff’s personnel from several counties along with state and federal drug agencies, the Idaho State Police and the Bureau of Land Management raided the grow site Tuesday.

The remote site is only accessible by foot or all-terrain vehicle. The Idaho State Journal reports ( Black Hawk helicopters were used to airlift the mostly 6- and 7-foot tall plants to an area closer to Grace, where they were being loaded into dump trucks.

What an incredible expense to pull plants. Black Hawks are used in war zones, and now to transplant weed to dump trucks.

Real criminals must read stories like this and laugh, knowing they is a good chance they will continue to get away with whatever assaults or robberies or other violent crimes they have planned, since so many resources are devoted to pulling plants.

– Joe Klare