Despite a great deal of propaganda against it, marijuana has made its way into every facet of our pop culture and consciousness. Even the mainstream media must now admit the damage that marijuana prohibition is doing to society.

Take Time for example. On their website yesterday they posted a piece titled “10 Reasons to Revisit Marijuana Policy Now.” The reasons include legalization’s increasingly good poll numbers, marijuana doesn’t increase lung cancer, mental illness or death and the fact that marijuana enforcement targets minorities.

Many of the other reasons include the amazing medical properties of cannabis and the new uses being found all the time for medical marijuana, as well as the rise of so-called “synthetic” marijuana products that lead people to believe they are as safe as the real thing. They are clearly not.

These are all things we know, but to have Time Magazine list them on their website is another thing entirely. That exposes marijuana to a whole new group of people that may not know the facts.

The best thing about the Time list is that it flies in the face of everything the federal government wants you to believe about cannabis. It’s about compassion and freedom and not the dis-proven propaganda from the Drug Czar’s office.

The momentum belongs clearly with those who support marijuana law reform. Legalization is inevitable.

– Joe Klare

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