The medical marijuana advocacy group Americans for Safe Access released the video below yesterday, and it features a great example of how Eric Holder is lying when he says the federal government is only targeting dispensaries who don’t comply with state law, El Camino Wellness Center in Sacramento, California.

There is an online petition that you can sign, telling Attorney General Eric Holder you want the raids stopped. Spread the word on the petition and share the video on your social networks.

Holder is lying about what is going on, and he is shielding President Obama from blame. Let them know that you know exactly what’s happening.

UPDATE: After I posted this story, I received a mass email alert from ASA about the petition, which read in part:

Drug Enforcement Administration raids on dispensaries have become an unfortunate fact of life in medical cannabis states. So when Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress that the Department of Justice’s policy toward medical marijuana is only to enforce against “individuals or organizations acting out of conformity with state law,” I was skeptical.

But the gap between the administration’s tolerant rhetoric and the harsh reality facing patients was made clear only four days after Holder’s testimony. Sacramento, CA dispensary El Camino Wellness was raided – and like many other DEA targets, it had a long history of compliance with local laws.

Patients deserve better than double-speak from our nation’s top law enforcement official. That is why we have partnered with the progressive advocacy group Courage Campaign to petition Eric Holder to stop raiding dispensaries in medical cannabis states.

– Joe Klare