We’ve discussed the Food & Drug Administration a lot here at The 420 Times, especially because a favorite refrain from medical marijuana opponents is that cannabis isn’t a viable medicine because is hasn’t undergone the “rigorous” FDA approval process. But since FDA-approved drugs harm and kill so many people every year, do you really need their approval to use a non-toxic plant as a medicine?

What would it take to get FDA-approval for cannabis? Would all marijuana have to be grown by Monsanto, a deadly and evil company with strong ties to the FDA? What chemicals would they add to marijuana to make it acceptable to the FDA? How many people would die from this “new and improved” FDA-acceptable marijuana?

As it stands now a person dies every 19 minutes from an FDA-approved drug. And to add insult to death, many peoples’s immune systems are being compromised by the FDA-approved practice of putting antibiotics into animal feed. But have no fear, the FDA is in the midst of a 35-year attempt to withdraw their approval for this practice. They must be really busy over there.

FDA approval for cannabis as medicine? Is this something we really want?

– Joe Klare

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  1. mjjoan

    I agree with you whole heartedly on this one. It seem that the FDA can’t get it right on alot of products and medications. Some of the ingredients they approve for additives to your food are extremely damaging . The biggest drug pusher in the country is the government putting floride in the water.
    Cannibis is NOT a drug it is a medicinal herb and should be treated and sold as such.

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