A registered medical marijuana patient in Michigan has lost an appeal of his drug conviction for not having his plants secured as is required under the state’s medical cannabis law.

The state appeals court has affirmed the drug conviction of Lewis Keller of Emmet County. Police found 15 marijuana plants outdoors on his property. There was some fencing material nearby but it was not made into a proper fence.

Under Michigan’s medical marijuana law, card holders can grow 12 plants, but the marijuana must be in a secure place. Keller says he knew he was over the limit but didn’t know the plants had to be secured.

First of all, if you are attempting to be a legal grower of marijuana, it’s probably a good idea to know the guidelines and follow them. Beyond that, fencing your marijuana should be common sense. If someone’s animal eats it you’re likely to get sued. If a child grabs some and shows their parents you’re likely to get sued and maybe even physically beaten by the parents.

At the very least someone is going to steal your marijuana. It’s like leaving a pile of money in your back yard in plain sight. I guess that’s why there are a lot of dumb people in prison.

– Joe Klare

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Joe Klare has been writing about marijuana issues for the past 5 years online, in print and on air.

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  1. mjjoan

    and again when someone tries to circumvent the law (no fenced in area and over his limit) come on this guy knew he was not following the law! What makes these guys think they can get other patients sympathies when they are ruining it for those of us that DO follow the law. It is those that break the law under legal or ignorance of the law, pretense and then post it all over that they have been wronged by the police or government, they are part of the reason that we can’t get it legalized. Just because you have a card doesn’t give you the right to abuse it.
    Follow the law and then you won’t get busted. I think that alot of these busts don’t tell the whole story, such as kids being taken away from their parents, there was probably CPS involvement for other reasons and they used the med mj and a reason to exert their authority. Or the over limit, there is no excuse for over limit growing unless the grower has gotten greedy, (it happens in the mj business also I guess, some caregivers aren’t compassionate towards others, just interested in filling their pockets)
    If every card holder ACTUALLY followed the law and presented themselves as upstanding citizens we could show those trying to keep it illegal that we are decent people just trying to help quell our pain or help ourselves physically in some way or another. But when unscrupolus folks do illegal things it makes the rest of us look bad.

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