The leader of the Sensible Spokane Alliance – Ian Moody – has filed paperwork to run for a Congressional seat in eastern Washington State, a seat currently held by a Republican.

Moody described himself as a social progressive and fiscal conservative, who could serve as a voice for “people stuck in the middle” and not aligned with either political party. He acknowledged that advancing to the general election without party preference is difficult but said he wanted to demonstrate “the little guy is being cut out of the process.”

His campaign will coincide with efforts to get a marijuana initiative on the Spokane ballot as well as a separate state initiative to legalize marijuana use and small amounts of possession for adults.

McMorris Rodgers, he said, “doesn’t even support medical marijuana.”

As we saw in the Oregon AG race recently, people in the Pacific northwest are serious about medical cannabis. And Ian Moody’s campaign will hopefully raise awareness in the area even further.

Marijuana users are not second class citizens. It’s time more of those running for political office stood up for people who are doing nothing wrong. And it’s time we reward those politicians with our votes.

– Joe Klare

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  1. mjjoan

    Michigan also has a Cannibis activist running for congressional office his name is Tom Lavine not sure on the spelling. Heard him speak at a rally in Lansing Mi this week. I’m voting for him for sure.

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