A heated discussion took place at the Los Angeles City Council Wednesday when the topic of medical marijuana dispensaries brought out passions from some members as Councilman Paul Koretz proposed what was called a “gentle ban” on medical marijuana dispensaries that would close many dispensaries but allow some to operate under strict city regulations.

The proposal would also allow patients to grow their own medicine and share it with others through collectives. But Koretz’s apparent attempt at compromise was met with anger from Councilman Jose Huizar, who wants all dispensaries banned.

“Two weeks ago, in closed session, we had a very level-headed discussion and a good decision on the direction our city attorney should take,” Huizar said.

“Now, they jumped hoops and waved out this new proposal that is an aggressive attempt to undo the direction we were going in.”

The issue now goes back to the city’s Planning and Land Use Management Committee for more study, delaying a decision from the council for now.

While many patients do grow their own, there are clearly some who can’t for whatever reason. Those patients need someone to be able to purchase their medicine just like every other adult human being. An outright ban on dispensaries would be discrimination in its ugliest form, against those who can’t defend themselves.

– Joe Klare

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  1. mjjoan

    Cannibis is not a drug it is a medicinal HERB and should be treated as such, and sold in herbal shops along side St John’s Wort, dandlion root, and echinechia.
    Cannibis is here to stay, legal or not we are going to smoke it, and those that are sick and need it the most should be able to access it without fear of reprisal. They should not be forced to go to the streets to obtain their meds. This could be a dangerous situation, especially if their “dealer” is a bit unscrupulous and takes advantage of the situation.

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