Back in March we told you that Berkeley Patient’s Group in California was being forced to close its doors after 13 years in business. In fact, by all accounts they were a model business.

Having to close up Monday night, their 69 employees are now out of work. The operators are still in search of a new location that won’t draw the ire of the federal government and say they plan to open a delivery service to continue helping some of their 9,000 members.

The federal government says the dispensary is too close to two schools, although it was in business before the city passed a law requiring dispensaries to be at least 600 feet from a school.

I’m sure the U.S. Attorneys in California are patting each other on the back over what a great job they are doing. But they are killing jobs and restricting medicine for sick people. Are we ready to congratulate them for that?

And what are the children in these schools being protected from? Are they afraid they may learn about “alternative” forms of medicine or how to run a successful business?

We must strive everyday to remove the stigma from medical marijuana, because while it’s still in place those who choose a safer alternative to dangerous prescription drugs will never truly be free.

– Joe Klare