Richard Lee’s lawyer says his client plans on reopening Oaksterdam University today after the series of raids that rocked the cannabis community on Monday.

Medical marijuana patients and advocates in the area have been protesting the raids and Richard Lee has launched an online petition asking President Obama to stop the federal crackdown.

Cannabis blogs and pundits have been on fire about the audacity of the federal government invading one of the shining symbols of the medical marijuana industry, bullying a wheelchair bound man (Richard Lee) who has helped countless patients with his activism and hard-earned money.

And Richard Lee’s visibility as a champion of marijuana law reform is what makes him such a tempting target for the federal government, much as Marc Emery was before being locked away in U.S. prison.

And much like Marc Emery, the feds may not stop until they have Mr. Lee in shackles. The federal government hopes intimidation can work in most medical marijuana states, as they simply do not have the resources to tackle every state. That’s why the destruction of medical marijuana in California is so important to them.

The golden state stands as a symbol – like Oaksterdam University – of immense progress in freedom for sick people to choose whatever medicine helps them. And that freedom of choice stands in the way of profits for Big Pharma. And since the pharmaceutical companies have paid so much money to politicians, I’m sure they think, “why not get our money’s worth and let them loose?”

Oaksterdam will reopen and remain defiant – we hope – but if the feds want that section of Oakland gone, they will get their way. Which is why we must replace the corrupt politicians who direct this crackdown. Only when marijuana is fully legal nationwide will patients truly be free.

– Joe Klare

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