The powers that be at Colorado University’s Boulder campus are not fans of the annual 4/20 smokeout that takes place on their campus every year, sometimes drawing more than 10,000 people.

But activists are fighting back, seeking a court ordered injunction against an on-campus ban against non-students entering the campus on Friday. A recent press release from the Colorado 4/20 Coalition details the injunction filing:

{Boulder, CO} — Attorney Robert J. Corry, Jr. filed an emergency temporary
restraining order in Boulder District Court today, asking the court to
prohibit the University of Colorado from closing its campus to the public
on 4/20. 

Click here to read the complaint:

The CU administration has said they will be shutting down the entire campus to non-students for the entire day on Friday in order to stop a legal protest that is protected by the First Amendment. Students will be allowed to enter campus only if they show their student ID card.

The annual 4/20 Protest Against Marijuana Prohibition has taken place every year on campus on 4/20 at 4:20pm for at least the past 20 years. Last year,
it attracted over 10,000 people at the height of the protest at 4:20pm. CU
has said that this poses a “distraction”, which they say gives them the
authority to close the entire campus to non-students. CU has provided no
evidence of anything that would constitute a “distraction” to the entire
campus and provided no evidence of any crimes or problems caused by the
4/20 protesters. This year, the CU administration will be using in law
enforcement officers from Boulder PD, Lafayette PD, Boulder County
Sheriff’s Office, the Department of Revenue’s Medical Marijuana Enforcement
Division, and other agencies to help shut down the protest. Tickets will be
issued for trespassing to any non-student who tries to enter any part of
the CU campus.

Corry’s restraining order was filed on behalf of several non-student
community members who wish to attend the 4/20 protest or use other
facilities normally open to the public on campus. CU is a public
university, and its grounds are public property. The lawsuit seeks to
enjoin CU from preventing this legal protest from occurring by shutting
down the campus.

There is supposed to be a hearing as soon as possible in Boulder, but one has to wonder if anything can be done at this point. It will be interesting to see how events shake out in Boulder tomorrow.



Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Courtroom of the Honorable Judge McDonald
Division R
Boulder County Justice Center
1777 Sixth St., Boulder CO 80302

– Joe Klare

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