As California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s medical marijuana regulation bill – AB 2312 – makes its way through the state legislature, the advocacy group Americans For Safe Access is urging supporters to make their voice heard in Sacramento. ASA sent out this email alert yesterday:

Take action today!  Tell Members of Assembly Appropriations Committee to Support AB 2312, a  bill to establish a regulatory body to develop and implement statewide standards for medical cannabis (marijuana) cultivation and provision, and authorize local jurisdictions to adopt reasonable regulations of their own.

We are targeting all the democrats on the Appropriations panel
(except Asm. Mitchell)

Assemblyman Fuentes 916-319-2039
Assemblyman Blumenfield 916-319-2040
Assemblyman Bradford 916-319-2051
Assemblyman Calderon 916-319-2058
Assemblywoman Campos 916-319-2023
Assemblyman Davis 916-319-2048
Assemblyman Donnelly 916-319-2059
Assemblyman Gatto 916-319-2043
Assemblyman Hall 916-319-2052
Assemblyman Hill 916-319-2019
Assemblyman Lara 916-319-2050
Assemblyman Solorio 916-319-2069

* Statewide regulation of MCDs will bring stability and accountability to the field of medical cannabis while ensuring all Californians have safe access.
* AB 2312 is worth-while investment for CA and worth the costs
* Sales tax generated from the legal sale of medical cannabis generates close to $100 million/year for CA
* Regulated MCDs create good paying jobs, often with full benefits.
* Effective regulation is good for everyone – patients, providers, doctors, and even law enforcement.

As a libertarian I am naturally inclined to oppose regulation, but in the case of medical marijuana in California it’s obvious to everyone that cut and dried rules concerning the industry are needed since many local and county governments are using legal confusion to ban dispensaries and collectives and otherwise stomp all over voter intent when it comes to Proposition 215.

– Joe Klare

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Joe Klare has been writing about marijuana issues for the past 5 years online, in print and on air.

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