Officials at Colorado University at Bolder have announced a more aggressive stance toward public marijuana smoking on their campus on April 20th, saying police are prepared to ticket offenders at $100 a pop and that the University has more sanctions planned for students caught smoking weed beyond the ticket.

Chancellor Phil DiStefano said, “It needs to end,” in reference to the annual smokeout at the Boulder campus.

Student leaders are backing school officials and are even going so far as to host a students-only concert with Wycleaf Jean the same day in an effort to lure students away from the smokeout.

While it’s a shame that the school has to shell out $50,000 every year because of the 4/20 event, the smokeout is simply a free speech response to our country’s draconian drug laws. It’s no different than a sit-in, besides the fact that the sitters are smoking cannabis.

The 4/20 celebration in Boulder has been known to draw over 10,000 people in past years, making it one of the biggest 4/20 events in the world. How this new announcement from school officials will affect things remains to be seen.

– Joe Klare

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