Before I started writing mainly about cannabis activism issues about 4 years ago, I spent the previous six years writing all sorts of fiction. A screenplay, a novel, poetry and dozens of short stories. And no, you can’t find my fiction work anywhere, hence the focus change in my career.

But I was recently sent a book for review, and reading it transported me back to those more creative, storytelling days. It’s called “Pot Farm” by Matthew Gavin Frank (University of Nebraska Press), and tells the story of Matthew and his wife as they escape the depression that haunts his family in Chicago and take seasonal jobs working on a medical marijuana farm in California.

Although the events are basically real life, names are changed and recollections are fuzzy due to some of the best cannabis strains in the world. This, combined with the author’s natural creative writing style, gives the book the feel of a novel, with vibrant characters and possible dramatics just over the hill due to the ambiguous nature of marijuana laws in California, an issue we’ve addressed extensively here on The 420 Times.

It’s a great read for anyone who enjoys either novels or the interesting lives of those in the medical marijuana industry. It brings out the human element of medical marijuana that sometimes gets lost amongst the rhetoric and demonization. When we talk about “medical marijuana,” we must strive to remember that it’s not an abstract concept, but real people with life struggles just like anyone else.

– Joe Klare