According to police, two men in West Covina, CA jumped out of some bushes and chased a medical marijuana deliveryman until he dropped a bag containing an unknown amount of money and cannabis. The two suspects were dressed as ninjas.

Police say the incident happened Friday night, but add that they don’t know of a medical marijuana dispensary in the area that makes home deliveries.

Whether or not the driver is who he says he is, the fact remains that medical marijuana delivery drivers are carrying around a lot of marijuana, which is an expensive product due to prohibition. This makes it valuable and worth the risk of jail time to steal.

Money is what causes people to want to rob someone. Under real legal market conditions the product a medical cannabis delivery person carries wouldn’t be worth all that much, and they would also carry less cash as a result.

Having said that, things are the way they are and businesses might want to consider some security as opposed to taking losses from robbery.

– Joe Klare

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