Several former medical marijuana providers in Montana are taking their fight against the federal crackdown in their state to the 9th Circuit Court.

Former operator of “Montana Cannabis,” a business that no longer exists obviously, Chris Williams is leading the charge against federal intrusion and the feds illegal over-riding of state law.

“I see these raids and the way that our state government allowed them to happen, I’d say they’ve really taken a lot of faith from people, faith they had in state government,” Williams said.

Politicians are not known for backbone, but considering that state officials were also not fans of medical marijuana, it’s no surprise that they didn’t protest federal raids, although the Montana AG did stand up to edicts from the feds over patients and gun rights.

The combined state and federal destruction of the medical marijuana industry in Montana has had the intended results, with the number of registered patients down 54% in the state and the number of providers dropping from 4,650 to 422 as of last month.

Purposeful job destruction when the U.S. economy shows little signs of growth and people are leaving the job market in record numbers. In what world or dimension does this make sense?

– Joe Klare

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Joe Klare has been writing about marijuana issues for the past 5 years online, in print and on air.

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