Some interesting data is coming out of Arizona, a state where medical marijuana is new. A report from the Arizona Department of Health Services shows that over 22,000 people have become legal patients in the state.

Nine applications have been denied, while some 85% of patients have requested to grow their own cannabis, showing why growing-your-own provisions are so important in medical marijuana laws.

Those over 50 years old account for 35% pf patients while the largest age group for Arizona medical marijuana – those 31 to 50 – account for 40% of patients.

Chronic pain was by far the number one issue reported by patients, followed by muscle spasms. Cancer and seizures were some of the other ailments reported.

Of course “chronic pain” is an ailment that medical marijuana opponents like to point to as being easy to fake, but the fact is that cannabis is a safe and proven pain reliever. And many prescription pills that doctors recommend for pain have dangerous side effects and can be very addictive.

It’s good to see so many people taking advantage of an opportunity to choose a safer alternative to treat their pain and other ailments. Patients in every state should have the same opportunity.

– Joe Klare

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