According to a new review in The Clinical Journal of Pain, cannabis is an effective and safe treatment for pain.

An investigator from New York University, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, conducted a PubMed search to survey the percentage of positive and negative published randomized controlled trials (RCTs) assessing cannabinoids as treatments for pain. Of the 56 hits generated, 38 published RCTs met inclusion criteria. Of these, “71 percent (27) concluded that cannabinoids had empirically demonstrable and statistically significant pain relieving effects, whereas 29 percent (11) did not.”

Cannabinoids seems to work best for neuropathic pain. Of course, many who use cannabis for pain on a daily basis already knew this. But as the studies and empirical evidence continues to mount, those who oppose medical marijuana have less propaganda to rely on.

According to the study, “Overall, based on the existing clinical trials database, cannabinergic pain medicines have been shown to be modestly effective and safe treatments in patients with a variety of chronic pain conditions.”

Those who use cannabis also know how few side effects it carries when compared to prescription pills. But don’t expect the big pharmaceutical companies to admit that anytime soon.

– Joe Klare

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