The group behind the Medical Marijuana Control, Regulate and Tax Act has announced that they are foregoing a ballot push for this year, and will instead attempt to get their initiative through the state legislature.

Advocates would have needed more than 500,000 signatures in only 5 weeks, an impossible task considering the funds were not there to hire enough signature-gatherers. Needing about $2 million for a successful ballot push, backers of the MMCRT campaign only managed some $1.2 million in fundraising.

Medical marijuana champion and CA Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D) has introduced Assembly Bill 2312, which seeks to create a statewide system of regulation as the MMCRT would have done.

Now the money raised for the ballot push can be used to get the public behind AB 2312.

As we’ve pointed out before, a regulation system for medical marijuana in California may ease some of the confusion that exists under the current system, but it will do nothing to halt the federal crackdown on the state’s dispensary system.

It will also be interesting to see how AB 2312 fares if recreational legalization passes in the state this fall.

– Joe Klare

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