A program in Mendocino County, California that involved the sheriff’s department regulating medical marijuana growing is coming to an end, thanks to threats from the federal government.

Two years ago officials in Mendocino County decided to legalize medical cannabis production and put Sheriff Randy Johnson is charge of the program. According to local officials and growers, the program was a great success. But the feds don’t care.

Last month federal prosecutors told the sheriff’s department to shut down the program, or face legal action. Under the pressure the county board of supervisors decided to stop the program.

All of it left County Board Chairman John McCowen exasperated.

“It means it’s going to go back underground. It’s going to become more dangerous. It’s going to become more profitable for the black marketers,” he says. “I just don’t see that this represents progress.”

Regression of medical marijuana is progress for the federal government. It’s run by politicians who take campaign money from big pharmaceutical companies and look to make big money giving speeches after they retire. And Big Pharma’s number one competition is medical marijuana.

The federal government cannot have sheriffs regulating medical cannabis. It gives MMJ too much respectability, and with respectability comes acceptance. And with acceptance comes cannabis legalization, which would be a death-blow to the pharmaceutical companies.

– Joe Klare

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  1. mjjoan

    tell the feds to quit messin with our meds. !!! Big Pharma needs to be taken down a peg or two. We cannot allow this to continue, a revolution is at hand we have to take back our freedom and our beloved country from these tyranical greedy jerks who want to get rich off the poor and sick.

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