In this case I guess “Above The Influence” means jumping from places that are taller than those who are “influenced.”

A great article written last week takes the Drug Czar’s office to task for their idiotic new commercial in their anti-drug campaign. Check it out for yourself.

What message do you get from that commercial? People who smoke pot are lame, people who jump off stuff at the risk of injury are cool.

The pastime apparently has a name, “parkour,” or “freerunning.”

I’ll be the first to admit that this looks pretty cool, but it’s far from safe and the fact that the federal government is endorsing it over smoking marijuana is incredible and ridiculous. What would you rather have your kids do, smoke weed or jump off your roof?

Of course that’s not their only two options, but the Drug Czar’s office picked this particular activity to put in the category of things that put you “above the influence,” a good thing in their estimation.

Is this what your tax money is going to? Commercials encouraging kids to practice flips off of high places?

– Joe Klare

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