There are 8 states attempting to get marijuana legalization on the ballot, and NORML recently put out a comprehensive list of those attempts.

Of course the chances for these states range from likely to not much of a chance at all. The list of states can be found below.

California has two

Colorado has two as well





Oregon also has two


While it’s very unlikely that a state like Nebraska would legalize marijuana, states like California and Colorado may have good chances with the increased turnout of a Presidential race. It will also be interesting to see how states with medical marijuana laws do versus states that don’t have medical marijuana.

While it’s important for some states to pass this final hurdle toward legalization, all of the states giving it a shot are important as they advance the debate over legalization. Imagine families in Nebraska actually discussing the pro and cons of making cannabis legal. True, many of them will be misinformed about the “dangers” of cannabis, but they can only be educated after the dialogue has been opened.

2012 is going to be the biggest year in the history of marijuana law reform. Stick with The 420 Times for all the latest news and analysis.

– Joe Klare