Followers of celebrity news know that actress Demi Moore was recently hospitalized for substance abuse. TMZ has released the 911 call that started it all.

According to the call, Demi was smoking something that was “not marijuana,” leading to speculation that she was experimenting with some sort of synthetic marijuana, like Spice.

Here on we have reported on the dangers of so-called “fake marijuana” and also the futile attempts to ban the chemicals used to make it.

According to reports, one of Demi’s friends claims she was doing whip-its, and there are further reports of the actress being addicted to Red Bull and that she drank the energy drink in lieu of eating meals. Quite an eclectic combination of substance choices from what appears to be a woman with little self-control.

In fact, if she wasn’t famous she would just be one of the other thousands of people that end up in the hospital after using “synthetic marijuana” or some other toxic, man-made concoction.

Joe Klare

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