A medical marijuana bill from Virginia Delegate David Englin is supposed to go before a Virginia House Committee today. It would revive a 30-year old law in the state which allows cannabis to be used for medicinal purposes.

The bill would allow people with certain conditions – like cancer or glaucoma – to use medical marijuana. But Delegate Elgin is not hopeful.

Delegate Englin says he doesn’t think there’s any chance that this bill will pass, but he thinks it’s important to start a dialogue, saying doctors, not politicians should decide what’s best for their patients.

As someone who writes about medical marijuana on a daily basis, things like this still catch me off guard. It’s like an episode of The Twilight Zone. An issue that has vast majorities in favor of it across the country and some 77%+ in national polls still has trouble even being considered in state after state.

This disconnect shows perfectly how little representation citizens really have in their local and state governments – everyone knows the severe disconnect between the people and the national government.

And even if Virginia would pass the bill, they would have to contend with the federal government, as do all medical marijuana states. But a start is a start, and a journey cannot be finished unless it is started.

Joe Klare

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