New Approach Washington, the group in Washington state that is backing a marijuana legalization measure, has turned in more than enough valid signatures to get it on the statewide ballot this November, according to the Washington Secretary of State’s office.

Of course even if it does pass the state will have to deal with federal authorities, but as I’ve said many times before, just because a victory will lead to another battle, that’s no reason not to strive for victory. The battle between the states and the feds on the issue of cannabis has to come to a head at some point, and if states start passing legalization measures the federal government will have to respond, and they will have to defend their illogical and freedom-killing policies.

The Washington proposal would allow the sale of marijuana legal to those 21 years of age and older as well as allow for a sales tax on cannabis. On the flip side the measure would ban marijuana advertising and forbid driving “under the influence” of marijuana, These prohibitions will raise their own problems, not the least of which is how you determine if someone is “under the influence” of cannabis since blood tests are useless for determining “impairment.”

All-in-all the measure will likely serve to keep most cannabis users out of jail, which makes it a positive step forward. While not perfect, positive steps are desperately needed in drug policy in this country. It remains to be seen if the voters in Washington state will take that positive step.

Joe Klare

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