Opponents of marijuana legalization would like people to think that the only ones who favor it are doped-up hippies who just want to smoke weed legally. But as recent polls prove (discussed in the video below), even recreational legalization now receives the support of a majority of Americans, and medical marijuana is now up to 77% or more.

The propaganda simply not longer works. The establishment loses more power to brainwash people everyday as independent media outlets like The 420 Times grow stronger and more visible. The internet now allows people to research issues for themselves instead of buying what the government or the talking heads on TV and radio tell them.

Joe Klare

And be sure to check out our Open Letter on Behalf of 30 Million Cannabis Users and join us in our fight!

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  1. Robert P Doyle SR

    After fifty years of knowing of cannabis, the last thirty five years has been an ever increasing knowledge of facts of study/science, we are amazed there are still ignorant Americans knowing only false flakey DATA generated to feed fear. There are two immense industries that will suffer from truth and science applied to cannabis. The bigger petrochems, including the bigger pharmcos, will lose sole source for energies and medicines. FACTS & SCIENCE thanks to honest education toools, has been instrumental in bringing us to the level of absolute intense dislike for the existing political processed people. We have college degreed people working in our governments who believe the earth and its inhabitants are about 6,500 yrs old.
    Never ever trust a biblephile who denys truth and science, archeology and chemistry.
    The cannabis is the chemical their god gave us, or our mother nature. Whoever, it is the it.

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