Following a new tradition of re-naming cannabis strains to cash in on people in the news (Conrad Murray and Charlie Sheen being a couple celebrities used for this re-branding), there is now a strain popping up in some Los Angeles dispensaries called “OG Blue Ivy,” named after the child of music stars Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Beyond the stupidity of this child being a celebrity because her parents have no sense of decorum or class and make everything into a money-making opportunity, there is the issue of re-naming strains.

This strain is obviously not new as there has not been enough time to breed a new strain and name it after a child who has only existed a few weeks. So the name is strictly for the purpose of making money and has nothing to do with medical marijuana.

Imagine if the prescription medication you used kept changing it’s name. Imagine if any brand you used kept doing that. Medical marijuana patients depend on strain names to let them know which strain that works for them is available.

So what strain did this used to be that patients can no longer find? And if only some batches of the strain were re-named, what is the point of that?

While it may be cool in the short-term to cash in on new celebrity names, it shows a lack of business savvy on the part of some dispensary owners to screw with known brands. Brand recognition is very important, especially when you are dispensing medicine, and those who don’t realize that are likely to be out of business very soon, even if the feds and the city don’t crack down on them; the free market will.

Joe Klare

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