Looking back on my first 32 years on earth, I can objectively say I’m generally a pessimist. And considering how bad things are in the United States right now, it would be easy to continue to be pessimistic.

Our President is an abject failure on every front domestically and a joke on the world stage. I’ve lost count of how many campaign promises he’s broken, and not just when it comes to medical marijuana. Beyond that our economy is shattered and the government doesn’t have the first clue about how to get out of the way and let job creation happen.

But people from coast to coast will be hitting their local ballot box before the year is out. Our vote is the last remaining bit of power we have over a government that is supposed to serve us instead of tyrannize us.

Not only is there a chance for someone who favors marijuana legalization – and a restoration of freedom from the federal government in general – to win the White House, but marijuana legalization itself will be on the ballot in several states.

But it is up to you. 2012 can be the year of freedom only because you can make it so. The time for waiting for things to happen is over. The slow, measured pace of reform has become too slow and our freedom to make legalization happen will be gone before we reach our goal. President Obama now has the power to detain any American citizen at any time for any reason, indefinitely and without charge.

And since many “terrorists” get their money from illegal drug sales, no one in power will bat an eye when “drug users” are locked up for aiding and abetting “terrorists.” If you scoff at this notion, your naiveté will be your downfall.

Which is why we must act now, in 2012. President Obama in a second term or Romney or Gingrich in a first term can simply make it illegal to advocate for marijuana reform and the door will be closed until we get someone new into office. Think this is far-fetched? Why? What recourse would you have since they can throw you in jail without charging you with anything?

Come on Joe, you’re saying, they can’t do that to us. We’ll take to the streets.

You can, and get shot and maimed by the police. How well is that working out for the Occupy Wall Street movement? What reforms have come about since they started protesting?

In fact, didn’t Obama sign the NDAA almost three months after OWS started?

You can protest all you want, but those in power don’t care. Their power must be completely stripped away at the ballot box by throwing them out of office and electing people who will repeal these evil policies and destroy these evil agencies.

You don’t reform the DEA, you dismantle it. You don’t augment the “Patriot Act” or the NDAA, you completely repeal them and leave them in the ash heap of history.

And before you start screaming at me about “terrorism” and the need for the government to protect us, the simple fact is you are more likely to be killed by a home appliance or a deer in this country than a terrorist.

So what is to be done? That’s the simplest part of all. Besides using your social networks and real-life networks to spread information on these issues, all you have to do is vote. One vote is useless, but when it is combined with millions just like it it becomes the most powerful force in human history.

If everyone who loves freedom actually voted that way, our republic would be restored. In that way, the title of this article becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. 2012 is the year you can make it happen. But you must act instead of waiting for good things to happen.

Joe Klare

And be sure to check out our Open Letter on Behalf of 30 Million Cannabis Users and join us in our fight!

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  1. Robert P Doyle SR

    Agreed 100% while we can still socialize on how to restore our America to the status we had prior to the 1980’s BIG BANK ROBBERIES. The S&L scandal was a signpost to the criminal elements of our society running the U.S. Treasuries into deep deep debts. RON PAUL will shake it up. 2012 is here and now.

  2. Evan Belisle

    It would seem like 50 percent of this country is forcing a certain lifestyle to the other 50 percent. My frustration level keeps going up everyday. Everybody I know who is against the legalization of cannabis has the same tired argument. If cannabis does not get legalized soon I’m going to walk into a police station and light up a blunt. American freedom is a joke and so is the government.

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