I was sent this story from @douglastoler today on Twitter and have since seen it making the rounds on Facebook. It was originally published in May of 2011 but can be traced back to a forum post from 2006 – at least, since the original story that was linked in the forum post is no longer there.

The story itself is about a 125-year-old woman who claimed her longevity could be traced back to her use of cannabis. We’ve covered stories like this before, and although anecdotal, they do serve to highlight the non-toxic nature of the cannabis plant.

Fulla was known for her love of smoking ganja and cigars and palm juice. She also loved steaming hot tea.

She had never suffered any debilitating ailment throughout her life. Except for her weak eyesight, Fulla maintained good health and used to walk without support.

Obviously it can’t been proven how much cannabis had to do with her above-average lifespan, but one thing is for sure: weed has never killed anyone in history, so it didn’t kill her.

But one has to wonder what amazing things cannabinoids can do over a lifetime of use. Since they fit so well with receptors already within us, one has to wonder is we are supposed to consume a certain amount of cannabis as a nutritional supplement. If you think about it, cannabis has been used for thousands of years and the propaganda against it is only about 75 years old.  More than 98% of human generations in the last 5,000 years have only known cannabis as a plant capable of helping them.

One has to wonder just how much the propaganda has hurt us as a people.

– Joe Klare

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  1. D____ R_______

    Just another brick in the wall of reasons for legalization. Prohibition enforcement: Stop ruining lives and wasting resources.

    I would post my full name if I wasn’t afraid of the government. I am more afraid of police officers than random strangers these days.

    If logic, science, and freedom reigned supreme…… cannabis would be instantly legalized.


    U N agenda 21 is the main reason behind the continued cannabis persecution. Abolishing the U N is the path to legalization.

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