A great article was recently posted on a very popular health website, and I felt it was important to discuss it here.

It talks about the amazing properties of cannabinoids and what they can do to relieve so many ailments.

From cancer to diabetes, and from autism to Alzheimer’s, medical marijuana helps, and sometimes dramatically so. Cannabinoid medicine holds a great power to alleviate human suffering. There are no words to describe how important this substance is for our race in terms of sanity, compassion and highly rational medicine.

Just as importantly, the article points out that there are much better ways of consuming cannabis medicine than smoking it.

The article even mentions medical cannabis hero Rick Simpson, who strongly advocates for alternative methods of cannabis ingestion, which he says are the only way to get real medical value from the amazing cannabis plant.

“The power of hemp medicine is magnified many times when the concentrated essential oil of the hemp plant is produced. If you want to see the real medicinal magic in the hemp plant, start ingesting high-grade hemp oil. When one starts ingesting the raw, unburned THC and its associated cannabinoids, medical miracles often occur. When a person smokes a joint, over 90% of the medicinal aspect of the plant material goes up in smoke.”

As Rick told The 420 Times this summer, he took a long road to discovery of this fact.

“I have to admit that it took me quite some time to realize the healing potential of this amazing oil,” Rick said when we discussed the cannabis oil he has been teaching people how to make for a decade. “When the medical system told me in 2001 that there was nothing more they could do for me, I had no option other than to turn to the oil for relief. The chemical medications that they had been giving me for years had badly damaged my thinking ability to the point that I couldn’t seem to remember anything. But once I started ingesting the oil on a regular basis it began to work its magic and in a short time it lifted me out of the chemically induced haze that I had been in. As this was taking place I became quite alarmed because I started loosing a lot of weight, of course I didn’t know at the time that the oil was simply detoxifying my body of excess fat and toxins that had built up over the years. It wasn’t until I had cured my own skin cancer, that I really became aware of the healing potential of this substance. Shortly after I had cured the last of the skin cancers with the oil, it suddenly dawned on me what this amazing substance was all about. Not only had it cured my cancer and brought my thinking ability back to normal. It had also cured the arthritis in my knees that I had been suffering from for years. Another truly amazing thing it had done was completely heal a severe third degree burn that occurred when I first tried to produce the oil. Of course at the time my thinking was badly impaired by all the chemical medications the doctors had given me, so I blame these so called medications for the injury that I suffered. When I say that I had suffered a severe burn I do mean severe. Three quarters of my right hand had literally melted and was hanging in big gobs from what was left of my hand. Eleven days after this injury my hand was completely healed leaving no scars, it was almost as if it had never happened. But at the time my thinking was so impaired by all the chemicals I had taken, I simply wrote it off by telling myself that I must be a good healer. Finally after I had cured my cancers I put all the oil had done for me into perspective and thought what have I stumbled upon. It then became more than obvious to me what this wonderful substance could do and from that point on I went on a crusade to bring this knowledge foreword. In the beginning I never really thought that the miraculous healing ability of this oil would be rejected. But I was soon to find out differently and in a few short months I came to realize the sad state of the world in which we live.”

Oral ingestion of cannabis takes place mostly through edibles.

When we ingest marijuana it is absorbed via the intestines and then passes through the liver, which processes the THC into a byproduct called 11-hydroxy-THC, which then travels to the bloodstream and then on to our brains. 11-hydroxy THC is thought to be four to five times more potent than regular THC. This is one reason why edibles are known to be more potent when compared to inhaled cannabis. Edibles are also thought to be strong sedatives and many patients use them for treatment of insomnia.

Many of our readers swear by edibles as the main way they ingest their medicine.

The transdermal method of using cannabis is applying ointments and oils topically so they may be absorbed through the tissue membranes of our skin.

The above-linked NatrualNews.com article also contains some stories about the healing powers of cannabis, including a pathologist who cut his finger during an autopsy. The resulting infection was going to lead to an amputation, until the doctor tried hemp salve and his wound was healing two days later.

Smoking marijuana can burn up much of the medicinal value of the plant, so if you are serious about medicating with cannabis, oral and transdermal methods must be looked into.

And the more this information is spread, the better the chance it will come to the attention of people who really need it.

Joe Klare

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  1. slipperywenwet

    Smoking marijuana can burn up much of the medicinal value of the plant, so if you are serious about medicating with cannabis, oral and transdermal methods must be looked into.

    this is why big pharma is comin into the picture.

    i wood stil like to b able to smoke since krypt bud does not cause a lingering cough like low grade pot does.

  2. Global Hemp

    Since there is only one word that refers to no-drug content cannabis, and that word is hemp. Then, it would be greatly appreciated if Rick Simpson would refer to his Medicinal Cannabis Oil as such. Refer to it as “Marijuana Oil,” “Medicinal Marijuana Oil,” “Hash Oil,” etc.

    When Medicinal Oil is referred to as “Hemp Oil” or “Hemp Seed Oil” is caused cancer patients and loved ones seeking help for patients to rush out and purchase 8 fluid ounces of Hemp Oil / Hemp Seed Oil for $5.99 believing that this Vegetable Oil will cure their cancer.

    If Rick Simpson would simply refer to the oil with the term “Marijuana” or “Hash” or “Cannabis” and never use the H-word — Hemp — he would serve patients much better as Hemp Oil / Hemp Seed Oil is a healthy oil, but certainly not a medicinal oil.

    Cannabis = Hemp and Marijuana

    Marijuana = Drug cannabis

    Hemp = Non-drug cannabis

    Hemp Oil = Vegetable Oil

    Hemp Seed Oil = Vegetable Oil

    Marijuana Oil = Medicinal Oil

    Hash Oil = Medicinal Oil

    Of course there are hundreds more names that refer to drug-content cannabis, but the most popular term is “Marijuana.” Otherwise, the marketplace is confused. This confusion leads to sales of $5.99 bottles of Hemp Oil / Hemp Seed Oil that do not treat or cure cancer. Simply mention, “Marijuana” and the confusion ends.

    Nobody interchangeably refers to “Marijuana Rope” and “Hemp Rope” as though they are one and the same. Essentially this is what Rick Simpson’s misuse of the using the term “Hemp” is doing. The general public would laugh at the idea of there being a rope made of marijuana.

    However, due to not being familiar with the oil, they are easily confused to purchase widely available Hemp Oil / Hemp Seed Oil at places such as store.globalhemp.com not knowing that its not Medicinal Marijuana Oil. Medicinal Marijuana Oil certainly costs significantly more than $5.99 for an 8 fluid ounce bottle and is not available for purchase online.

    So, a big thumb’s up to Rick Simpson on his research and findings for Medicinal Marijuana Oil treatment, but a thumb’s down on his referral to such as “Hemp Oil.” Change the later by referring to it as Medicinal Marijuana Oil (or something similar such as Hash Oil) and he’ll get 2 thumb’s up!

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