On Monday the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office approved the wording of two marijuana legalization petitions – both say the same thing, the only difference being one changes the state constitution. Now the long, arduous process of signature gathering begins.

If the initiative becomes law, it would legalize the possession and purchase of cannabis for anyone 21 years or older, legalize medical cannabis for everyone regardless of age and legalize the sale of cannabis.

In addition, it would free everyone who is in jail for a marijuana-only offense, clear all criminal records of cannabis offenses and levy a tax of $100 per pound on marijuana.

Backers of the initiative  will have six months to “get signatures from registered voters equal to eight percent of the total votes cast in the 2008 governor’s election and from six of the state’s nine congressional districts.”

Missouri isn’t the first place you think of when you think of marijuana legalization, but whether you live in CA or the Midwest, people are fed up everywhere. They are tired of seeing their tax dollars wasted on arresting and locking up people who haven’t hurt or violated the rights of anyone.

A financial and economic crisis has gripped this country, and even those who hate marijuana can see the pointlessness of this country’s current drug policy and the resources it wastes.

Joe Klare

And be sure to check out our Open Letter on Behalf of 30 Million Cannabis Users and join us in our fight!

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