We’ve reported a lot on so-called “fake marijuana,” including the death of a boy recently after smoking “synthetic pot.” The vast majority of the comments we get on stories about K2 and Spice talk about the unwanted effects and dangers of these man-made chemical concoctions.

Of course, banning these substances will do nothing. Education is the key. Real cannabis is a safe alternative to just about every recreational substance on earth, including these dangerous chemicals that are wrongly associated with marijuana.

Below is a video from one of the many thousands who have had awful experiences with chemicals they are told “mimic” the effects of marijuana, when in truth they do nothing of the sort.

Joe Klare

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  1. Amanda Herring

    You had been smoking the concentrated powder in a bowl, which was not very intelligent (dumb ass). Cannot compare this to smoking spice that has been diluted and sprayed on a botanical leaf. You are comparing lemons to giant pumpkins here. I agree with you regarding the legalization of thc in its most natural form. However your experience is not with “spice”, it is with JWH in its original, concentrated, powdered form. Shame on you for adding to the stress that has already been placed on this formerly legal alternative. Now those of us who are NOT fortunate enough to live in a state where medical marijuana is legal have absolutely no options.

  2. Civil rights

    These synthetic cannabinoids were created by a govt funded program to study the effects of cannabinoids. Rather then studying the real thing, a govt funded scientist concocted hundreds of the analogs. Now manufactures are using these and apparently killing people. Yet another blunder created by the government all because they don’t want people smoking real cannabis which will not kill you. Makes perfect sense. Government officials are the ones who should be going to jail for creating a public health issue. Hypocrites!

  3. Shannie Lammie

    “Education is the key.” So why join the popular media in blaming that boys death on Spice rather than the plastic he smoked it out of? That’s not education. I share your frustration at having these chemicals equated to marijuana when they are actually more dissimilar than similar. I do not think smoking Spice is a good idea. However, I think falsely blaming chemical burns caused by plastic on the cannabinoid receptor agonists in an effort to vilify them is an even worse idea. Natural cannabis becomes an unsafe alternative when smoked out of plastic, doesn’t it? When this happens and we see headlines proclaiming “Smoking cannabis kills,” I imagine you’ll regret having supported this dishonest tactic. You’ve discredited yourself in a big way here. DARE style.

  4. joshua

    i tried some of that fake weed called charlie sheen and it made me feel like my heart was going to beat itself right out of my chest not to mention the wierd feeling of disoriention. i couldnt walk strait for about 30 minutes. it didnt taste right, didnt feel right, and left me unable to do anything for several minutes. never again.

  5. Dumbarse

    I love how stupid the whole discourse about these synthetic cannabinoids has become. After reading the original article, it’s so clear that it’s another smear campaign allowing the Gov to close that loophole.
    Double lung transplant? And after how many people have smoked how much of this stuff? 1 kid dies from smoking out of a f**king Pez dispenser? Either he has unfortunately weak genes or it was the Pez dispenser. Why isn’t that at least mentioned in your ‘great’ article? “Don’t smoke out of a Pez dispenser or other retarded device.” Now that’s a story that should be on 420times. Now that’s journalism!

  6. Jock

    Tried Synthetics once and will never use it again. Soon after I took my first hit I had these weird pulses through my whole body and I seriously believed I was going to die.

    If it’s not organic, don’t smoke it.

  7. Ces

    The kid was in the wrong for smoking out of the dispenser in the first place. That’s just stupid. But Spice, or any other synthetic drug, just isn’t safe. Did Spice once and I thought I was going to die. It was a disgusting feeling. If you can’t/don’t want to smoke real weed, then just stay sober. Don’t do synthetics.

  8. sillymexoxox

    well actually there are so many people who have reported tripping and seeing that they are part of the universe just like he said its like becoming so close to death ..ive done it also when i tripped i felt like i was just between life nd death right in the middle nd was being showed i was part of the universe it was crazy will never do it again!!!!!!!!

  9. fdishy

    I did not believe the warnings so I had to try it for myself. Stupid move. Real stupid. I smoked it for about 2 weeks and only got a similar to weed high. One day I took off and did not realize it. All of a sudden I no longer could drive. I called the hospital to see if they had a shot to stop the trip. They said you have to just ride it out so I did. I could not find others saying how long the trip was so I figured I would comment. It lasted a day and a half and I also thought I would die seriously. Worse than my worse LSD trip from the 70’s. Never again will I touch that shit. I prayed to end the trip, took a warm bath to stop the shakes and then the trip started to end. I thank God it is over.

  10. Matt

    The 13 year old boys mom should follow up with the PEZ candy company and see what is used in their PEZ dispensers. I think smoking burning plastic is more dangerous than synthetic “marijuana”

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