UPDATE: This post has been the target of some controversy in the comments section, where there has been some confusion of whether Switzerland is indeed allowing the growth of 4 cannabis plants in someone’s home. Since we are one of the few English-speaking publications to address this issue, it has been hard to ascertain any information contrary to what is stated in the post below.

But thanks to a reader, we may be able to shed more light on the subject. Pat Mächler from the comments section emailed us about the story, and provided links to us that serve to clarify it. He sent us a link to it being covered in what they say is Switzerland’s largest circulating newspaper, which happens to be in French. You can find the English translation here.

The story states that people in Switzerland can indeed grow up to four plants in their home, but the THC content can in no case exceed 0.3%, basically meaning they can grow hemp.

In which case the new law seems rather useless. Hemp can be used for many things, but you can’t just cut down a plant and make a shirt. There is industrialization involved, although hemp seeds can be eaten raw and it can be used in a variety of foods. But for those who seek relief in a medical sense and need THC to achieve that relief, that is still illegal in Switzerland.

Thanks to Pat for clarification on this post.

– Joe Klare, online editor for the420times.com


Someone out there is finally getting it.

In order to combat the increasing illegal sales of cannabis in Switzerland, four of the seven French-speaking Swiss cantons (similar to states in the U.S.) will be allowing individuals to grow four cannabis plants at their home, starting in January 2012. The cannabis is only authorized for personal use and cannot be sold.

The cantons involved are Geneva, Neuchatel, Vaud (Lausanne) and Fribourg, according to this article (in French, see translation here). People can apply for permits to grow more than four plants.

We here at The 420 Times fully expect this new law to reduce crime and police expenses in Switzerland, and everywhere else this kind of progressive thinking comes to pass.

If four plants sounds a bit restrictive, remember two things: first, it’s still illegal to do this in most of the world (thanks to U.S. government intervention in everyone else’s business) and second, a properly done grow can yield some pretty spectacular results:

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  1. Scott Rose

    Don’t be a Dummkopf; it says four of the seven FRENCH-SPEAKING cantons — Switzerland also has German and Italian-speaking cantons.

  2. sa

    ” weedlover says:
    November 19, 2011 at 7:02 am
    “four of the seven Swiss cantons ”

    there are like 28 cantons, not seven.”

    four of the seven Swiss cantons who speak french.

  3. smiles everyone

    it should be like that everywhere.just think of all the money the government wastes on trying to get it all,when if they are lucky they may get a quarter of it at best.they could even charge say $100 for a permit to grow it,and be making so much money just off the permits alone.they could open stores selling growing equipment and do well there and create lots of jobs.my opinion i would think it would help so many countries get out of debt.plus it’s better for ya than alcohol

  4. HB

    “Kim says:
    November 21, 2011 at 12:42 pm
    We have it pretty good in Canada; especially here in B.C. It’s a lot closer to move here. <3"

    Not from what I heard. I hear Canada is moving in the other direction, making cultivation of even one plant a mandatory 6 month jail term. I don't know if that actually passed but there was legislation to do that last year. We had Bush and Obama you all have Steven Harper, all peas from the same prohibitionist pod

  5. andrew

    it is almost imposible to get a Switzerland citizenship. They have huge prices huge wages and do not grant citizenship to outsiders almost never at all. for those that would like to move only by the count of those news, I’d advice them to consider moving to Prag (Czech Republic) instead. As someone mentioned here they’re allowed 5 plants per person and have legalized a lot more than just weed (and I mean LEGAL not only “permitted” like Amsterdam or others). I hear they legalized extasy, lsd, growing their own shrooms, etc. :))

  6. Stijn

    Obtaining a swiss citizenship is quite hard, you need to live there 10 years or and it costs quite a ridiculous amount of money. (know this because i myself lived there for 7 years and plan on finishing the 10 years soon to obtain my citizenship)

  7. Michel B.

    this information is not correct! It’s not allowed to grow Weed in the Switzerland and i think I know this bcuz i live in Switzerland for 21 Years now… and we got 26 cantons in switzerland… how fuckin’ uneducated are you guys?! http://wikipedia.org for more info concernant Switzerland

  8. DaNK Wan

    @ aNDREW…Switzerland is surrounded by the European Union (EU). Over 900,000 EU citizens live and work in Switzerland, and many more cross the borders or transit the country on a regular basis.

  9. Linda Griffin

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    Marijuana is Dangerous!! Beware!!! Part 1
    I am not sure the source of this video originally, I edited the text a bit, and the only source was nwowatchers.com which is no longer available apparently…..
    Marijuana is Dangerous!! Beware!!! Part 1
    I am not sure the source of this video originally, I edited the text a bit, and the only source was nwowatchers.com which is no longer available apparently…..
    Marijuana is Dangerous!! Beware!!! Part 1
    I am not sure the source of this video originally, I edited the text a bit, and the only source was nwowatchers.com which is no longer available apparently…..

  10. amdrew

    i think that this is so cool may be switerland may wake up the rest of the world by allowing it’s citezens to buy permits to grow at home it should be that way world wide just think home much money could be saved on fighting against growing and all of the money that could be made off selling permits and the jobs tgat could be created for growing supplies and all of thr other things canabis could be used for

  11. Cool guy

    US will never pass the law to legalise weed! Why? Because of their privet prison system! Government is 2 happy to enslave ppl for minor ofences and make them work for almost nothing in prisons like slaves! Find out the procentage of us citizens in prisons and you will see the scope of these multibillion dollar industry! Sad, thats what it is!

  12. Mantis

    Weedlover wrote:
    “four of the seven Swiss cantons ”

    there are like 28 cantons, not seven.

    The article states, “four of the seven French-speaking Swiss cantons.” That’s okay though, you probably skimmed the article to get to the gigantic video of some delicious buds. 😉

  13. Rolfli

    Yes – please – go to the Czech Republic… It’s a hell of a lot easier to get citizenship there and, from what I heard, you can grow so much shit for “personal use” that you honestly wouldn’t know where to put it all…

  14. shamus

    now if only a warm place like Jamacia would do this I would be there in a heart beat!!! Way to go Switzerland open the door for everyone else! Woot!

  15. CAGuitarGirl

    Sounds smart to me. Now let’s harvest the stems and make our own rope, clothing, thread, paper etc. It’s better for the environment and no one would have to cut down another tree!!!

  16. Chris

    Can everyone stop saying 28 cantons? Correcting a correct statement with an incorrect figure does not make you smart. 7 french speaking cantons, there are 26 cantons. And it is extremely hard to get swiss citizenship for those interested. Something like 12 years of residency to be able to apply.

  17. ChrisA

    I have my Swiss B permit as I live and work in Geneva, easy to get once you have a job. Accommodation on the other hand is very difficult to find. You may be able to grow your own cannabis there next year, but you can’t buy electronic cigarettes from the chemist which contain nicotine, they consider them dangerous as not enough research has been done on the effects of smoking them.

  18. JB

    Keep in mind people… In the US the government makes more from it being illegal than legal … The court system( judges salaries , court fines , probation fees , Lawyers fees) then there is the prison system ( private prisons financed and invested in by the Judges ) that make our tax money to lock up all these bad people…. There are more jobs created and money made by keeping it illegal … What a good reason for the gov. Blackops to take part in the distribution…and there is profit to be made on that side too 🙁

  19. DrAIR

    Good point JB… Dont forget also, another reason why drugs are illegal is because of the money that goes into the economy through money laundering… I think it was wells fargo that was recently found to have laundered like $360 BILLION with a B for one mexican cartel. They got a $100 MILLION fine and told not to be caught again. Now remember this $360 Billion when entered into the bank system is then subject to fraction reserve banking. (Not gonna explain it here, look it up if interested but multiplies the amount of money they can generate from what they actually have…) So multiply these now trillions of dollars by the rest of the banks and the rest of the cartels and you’ll find TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS of dollars slushing around in the banking industry. Making drugs legal would cut off this golden goose and likely bring down the world economy with it…

  20. Pat Mächler

    I’m sorry to disappoint most of you.

    This is a canard! They introduced a common regulation in some cantons for the cultivation of fiber hemp (less than 0.3% THC). So it’s rather the opposite of an easing as previously the regulation for fiber hemp was just regulated on cantonal level (I don’t know the previous regulations).

    However they are stepping forward on another level. Currently there’s a new law proposal that would allow for fines for cannabis consumers (not producers or sellers) instead of legal cases.

  21. swisscow

    Hello guys.

    I’m from Switzerland and sadly, I’ve got some bad news for you: As this article says, it’s a decision between the French speaking Cantons in our country. This agreement has force of law, but must refer to the Swiss federal law on drugs (same for all 26 Cantons ;)), which states that a hemp plant should not exceed a 0,1% THC content, for it’d be considered illegal then. Basically, you can grow up to 4 plants in Fribourg, Lausanne or Neuchâtel without even mentioning them to the authorities, but these can not go into flowering. If you like growing the plant just for it’s awesome look, you’re cool, but elseway you’re not even a bit more legal than before.
    This law was actually set in place to help the police control the semi-legal scion business in Switzerland. See, if the plant is kept in the growing cycle, they can be selled in shops. It’s not completely legal… but the police can’t do shit about it. They’re a couple of shops who sell scions, and through this new bad-ass law, the police will be able to smoke them out. Because if the shop was stupid enough to officially announce that it was growing more then 4 plants (enough to sell), the cops can now come into the shop at ANY TIME, without any warrant, and take samples of the plants, just to check if the THC level is still legal.

    So, at the end of the day, we’re still fucked. No, wait, we’re even more fucked! The only good thing about this is that the debate is reopenend again.

    Here’s the actual law, in French, for those who want to read/translate it:


    And the article you should read if you really want to be informed: http://www.letemps.ch/Page/Uuid/1d6bd52a-1b97-11e1-a7e5-d1124107b0a4%7C1
    This is the best paper in the French part of Switerland.


  22. Shivashanti

    I am living in austria , i love it because it is directly to Switzerland .
    This is a great new law and all government should do this !!
    greets from austria … !

  23. Naveen

    haha…good to hear this…it would be ages before this type of legalization comes to Sri Lanka. but then again the Ayurvedic doctors have been heavily reliant on Cannabies here…

  24. michael the troubador

    Makes me even happier that I have a Swiss lesbian girlfriend. I’m going to have to start visiting more often:)

  25. drakonier

    Hello Ganja Friends.

    I’m swiss and i live in the middle of switzerland. So, i can say it is true. The French speaking part of switzerland is more open for the 4 plants handling, then the other ones. I live in a swiss german speaking region. Only 4 plants are allowed, and only for personal use. I’m happy to live here. For everyone greetings from switzerland.


  26. Gan-JI

    We have 26 Cantons in Switzerland… and only four of them are French-speaking – not seven. And… there is NOTHING known about this topic here in Switzerland! You won’t find any other article in the net, no lawyer confirms this, there is no such law and three years ago the “Hanfinitiative” was again rejected by popular vote…
    Don’t believe everything you read – do your research.

    Greetings fron Switzerland

  27. tim

    hell with america movin to canada or switzerland wtf this is a good thing but 4 plants my god their should be a weight limit my gosh if it takes 4 months to create half lb of useable and u use 1 z per week thats 16 z in 4 months…..i think 6 plants is good but 4 is ok too!!!!

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