With the recent federal crackdown of medical cannabis in California and raids in Washington and Montana, one has to wonder where it’s all going to stop.

We asked Morgan Fox, Communications Manager at The Marijuana Policy Project about the recent crackdown, where it might be headed and what could be the motivation behind it all.

“So far, it seems as if the feds are only interfering in states that do not have clear regulations governing dispensaries or collectives,” Morgan told us. “The states that have seen the raids have been those that operate in somewhat of a legal gray area. It’s unfortunate that the U.S. attorneys who are responsible for this crackdown were also largely responsible for the threatening letters in some states earlier this year that stymied the passage of unambiguous regulations that could have prevented this kind of attack.

“As for motivations for this sudden crackdown, that is difficult to pin down. It seems that through a lack of concern about the medical marijuana issue, President Obama has basically let the dogs off the leash and is allowing the U.S. attorneys to use their considerable autonomy as they see fit. It does not appear that the crackdown is taking place at the direction of Obama. We need to let him know that this issue is important, and that he needs to regain control of his officials and stick to his promise to leave medical marijuana states alone.”

If Obama can’t see how much he has alienated millions of people who voted for him in 2008, maybe he is too isolated to be an effective leader; he’s certainly been anything but so far, and not just in the realm medical marijuana. From environmentalists to anti-war demonstrators, Obama has angered just about every group that pledges allegiance to the Democratic Party.

Not the best of reelection strategies.

Joe Klare

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