The group Lawmen Protecting Patients is organizing a rally at the city hall in Live Oak, CA tonight to protest a plan by the city to ban medical marijuana cultivation.

DATE: November 17th, 2011
When: 7 PM
Where: Live Oak City Hall  9955 Live Oak Blvd, Live Oak, CA
Subject: Medical Marijuana Cultivation  Ordinance

(Sacramento, CA) An organization made up of retired and disabled members of the law enforcement community who have become medical marijuana patients, is joining with other medical marijuana patients on calling on the City of Live Oak to regulate medical marijuana cultivation instead of banning it.

“The City of Live Oak is going to force legitimate medical marijuana patients to put themselves in danger by buying their medicine from the underground market” said Nate Bradley executive director of Lawmen Protecting Patients.“ This ordinance is in clear violation of Prop 215 which grants patients the right to posses and obtain marijuana with a Dr’s recommendation”.

LPP is asking medical marijuana patients and supporters to come Live Oak City Hall on 11-17-11 at 7 PM to show their opposition to the ban on cultivation ordinance.

With dispensaries and collectives being closed all over California, medical marijuana cultivation is the only avenue left for legal patients to get their medicine. It’s hard to see how Prop 215 is being upheld if patients have no access to their medicine, forcing them into the black market to get cannabis.

Joe Klare

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