DENVER (AP) — A Colorado man who got a visit from police after a pizza delivery driver smelled marijuana at his home is getting free pizza from a rival restaurant.

Frederick Smith says police searched his home in Aurora after a Papa John’s International Inc. driver smelled marijuana there last week. The driver reported a child was in the home at the time.

Smith told Denver TV station KUSA-TV that he’s a registered medical marijuana user. Papa John’s has said it stands by its employee.

One of its Denver-based rivals, Sexy Pizza, said Thursday that it would give Smith one free pizza monthly until Colorado voters decide a proposed 2012 ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Sexy Pizza says it’ll extend the offer for life if voters pass the initiative.

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  1. 420timesfan

    YAY! Good for them! That’s a smart business owner too, because he knows how much business this is going to bring him, just based on his support for patients and users everywhere! More businesses need to get behind this effort and they too will see their businesses gain more and more loyal customers.

  2. sara johnson

    It sounds outrageous…smell of marijuana and a child present and a driver’s interpretation of what it all means. Perhaps it was a lingering odor. Perhaps there was someone else in the home that the driver did not see. But regardless, the driver did not report the child was in danger except the driver’s perception that the odor and the assumptions he made.

    Does this driver report a car which change lanes without signaling if a child is in the car? I would guess not. The probably reality is that the driver has personal beliefs.

    Legalize Medical Marijuana and Stop Big Pharmaceutical Company Lies

  3. ZomboCom

    Sexy Pizza it is then. Industry estimates when I was an ass. manager was that 3/10 orders were to “drug users”. I wonder if Papa Johns can take the 30% hit… oh wait, they declared bankruptcy in Colorado on the first of October AND they have 1200 employees with actionable claims of nonpayment due to bounced paychecks.

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