Republican Presidential candidate Gary Johnson – who is against marijuana prohibition – has responded to recent federal threats against medical marijuana in California.

In a statement released Friday morning, Johnson said, “With weapons being allowed to ‘walk’ to drug cartels in Mexico and Solyndra walking with $500 million of taxpayers’ money, I would think DOJ and the Administration have better things to do than mount an assault on medical marijuana dispensaries in California that are legal under state law.  Regardless of one’s view of medical marijuana, Americans who believe in states’ rights should be extremely disturbed that the federal government is in the process of shutting down businesses, threatening criminal charges, and confiscating the property of small businesses operating under good faith according to state law.

Many would think The Obama Administration has better things to do, but it seems not to be the case. The time has come to tell The Obama Administration that they should reverse course or we can easily replace them with new leadership.

Joe Klare

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  1. Jonathan

    I will be voting for Governor Gary Johnson! End the wars, balance the budget, equal rights for LGBT and legalize marijuana! This guy is exactly what America needs! The People’s President.

    Gary Johnson is hands down the most fiscally conservative GOP candidate. The national Review called Gary Johnson the best Job creator of all the candidates. When he first got into office he was asked by his staff how he wanted his name on the state welcome signs. He said Don’t put my name on those signs! If we spend money to change them lets put Welcome to New Mexico from the Citizens of New Mexico so we don’t have to spend money changing them in the future. His is a good steward of tax dollars and looks at everything from a cost benefit Analysis. He balanced the heck out of 8yrs worth of budgets as governor. And is the only candidate talking about submitting a balanced budget in 2013.

  2. SpatialOrientation

    Gary Johnson is the only candidate offering common sense solutions and policy prescriptions for the issues of our day. The establishment press treats him like some fringe guy with “crazy” ideas like balancing the budget and subjecting public policy to cost benefit analyses. Check out more coverage of the Johnson campaign at (we have plenty of drug war coverage too:

  3. JvanMT

    It’s funny how you guys keep trying to pin this all on the president. Look where the money is, that’s where to put the blame. Obama is an easy scapegoat for those too lazy to do the research.

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