The powers that be at The White House had to see this coming. They created a petition site and asked for citizens to add their signatures to petitions dealing with the issues they care about.

To no one’s surprise, a petition about marijuana legalization was the first one to reach 5,000 signatures within 30 days, the threshold needed for an official White House response. As of this writing, the top legalization petition has almost 17,000 signatures, 5,000+ more than the next closest petition.

Three other marijuana petitions are approaching the 5,000 signature mark, one dealing with legalization, one with state cannabis laws and one with the legalization of industrial hemp. In fact, 4 of the 8 petitions on the front page – again, as of this writing – deal with marijuana law reform.

So once again the White House will be forced to publicly announce their 100% opposition to cannabis legalization, further enraging a massive voting block that supported Barack Obama in 2008.

While I appreciate another opportunity for cannabis users to flex their activism muscles, I fail to see what the White House gains from this petition site. I understand they want to be seen as listening to the people, but they fail to realize the people have stopped listening to them.

Pronouncements from our “Rock Star” President no longer have the desired effect. The media no longer falls over itself to see who can give the greatest praise to the agent of hope and change.

With a severely damaged Presidency that wolves from both parties are circling, the Obama Administration is flailing for anything to gain traction among a depressed electorate.

You might not care Mr. President, and you may think it’s all a big joke, but the key to your reelection is marijuana legalization. With some 17 million regular marijuana users in this country, it is your only hope of salvaging your job.

Scoff all you want, but when you are walking out of the White for the last time on January 20, 2013, you’ll wish you had heeded our repeated warnings.

Joe Klare