Boise, Idaho will host its first-ever hemp festival when the “Idaho H.O.P.E. Fest” comes to Julia Davis Park on Sunday, September 25th. The H.O.P.E. stands for Hemp Offers People Everything, and if you know all the amazing uses for hemp, then you know how true that is.

According to the event’s website, “Idaho HOPE Fest is the first annual event being held in Boise, ID to advocate for the end of the federal government’s war on cannabis consumers and to promote the re-legalization of industrial hemp. We will feature live entertainment, guest speakers, vendors, and educational exhibits on cannabis and the politics, culture, science, and controversy surrounding it.”

Advocates have several goals for the event, which include:

  • To collect signatures for the Idaho Medical Choice Act, a citizen’s initiative seeking to legalize medical marijuana for Idaho’s seriously ill patients.
  • To promote the re-legalization of industrial hemp.
  • To educate the public on the growing cannabis industry, a legitimate market providing jobs and economic growth to states that have legalized its medical use.
  • To push for public discussions on the legalization of marijuana.

Idaho may not seem like a logical state for this type of event, but that is why it’s so important. No matter how conservative a state is there are still many people in desperate need of safe, effective alternatives to deadly, addictive prescription pills.

Entertainment will include belly dancers, DJ’s in the “Techno Tent,” and bands like Voice of Reason and Mudd Belly. There will also be speakers, including Captain Harry Lewis from the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, Russ Belville of NORML and Isaias Valdez from Idaho NORML.

If you live in Idaho and care about marijuana law reform, this is an event you should try to attend. If not, at least share this story with your friends so the word can be spread about H.O.P.E. fest on September 25th.

Joe Klare

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