During an online town hall on Thursday, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin (R) stated that not only is she against marijuana legalization, she is against medical marijuana as well.

While being against recreational cannabis legalization isn’t an uncommon position among politicians, Governor Fallin’s reasoning is particularly lame and lacking any real thought.

“I just feel like that marijuana use, if it’s legalized, will lead to possible other substance abuse,” she said.

I realize it’s cool in this day and age to be in touch with your feelings, but when did politicians start governing that way? What happened to facts, figures, studies, debate? The “gateway theory” she is referring to in her unique, “I haven’t really studied this issue at all” way has been dis-proven so many times in so many ways that the fact that some still trot it out as a valid argument is mind-boggling.

So you can imagine how sound her reasoning is behind her opposition to medical marijuana, an issue every poll shows with at least 70% approval.

“I just am afraid there’d be too much abuse with medical marijuana if it were legalized in the state of Oklahoma, and I just can’t support that,” she said.

Let’s get beyond the fact that Gov. Fallin is quite emotional and seems to govern with her feelings and her fears. Where would we be if we followed the advice of people like her and banned everything based on the potential for “abuse?”

Under her logic, sick people can’t have the option of medical cannabis because someone who isn’t sick might abuse it. So she should be in favor of banning all pharmaceutical drugs, unhealthy foods, cars and other dangerous machines…the list could go on and on. All these things have potential for “abuse,” yet we allow adults the option of choosing what’s best for them. We don’t deny millions of people cars because thousands of them drive recklessly or aggressively.

On top of all that, the only “abuse” possible with cannabis is getting really high. The cannabis plant cannot kill you. But all the things I mentioned above certainly can if not handled correctly.

I’m normally not this blunt, but the Governor of Oklahoma is an unmitigated buffoon. How someone with this level of intelligence can even hold a job – much less become governor of an actual state – is beyond comprehension.

Joe Klare

About The Author

Joe Klare has been writing about marijuana issues for the past 5 years online, in print and on air.

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  1. momma

    Wow…do you also think it is cool to deny the people that put you in office medicine? Really? What is wrong with this picture…at least 70% of the people think that medical marijuana should be legal…bet ya won’t get 70% of the vote next time you run for Governor!

  2. momma

    “I’m normally not this blunt, but the Governor of Oklahoma is an unmitigated buffoon. How someone with this level of intelligence can even hold a job – much less become governor of an actual state – is beyond comprehension.”

    – Joe Klare

    Nicely done, Joe! I applaud you!

  3. Thraxz13

    How can someone in Power like this make such an uneducated statement… She is cool with all the tobacco companies selling cigarets causing cancer, She is fine with all the strip clubs, She is fine with all the liquor stores.. God forbid she or someone she knows gets in a major accident gets HIV/AIDS or Cancer.. God forbid her sons or daughters go to war and get PTSD…

    Marijuana is proven by science to have medicinal value as well as Hemp being a self sustainable crop that her unemployed farmers could grow…

    Executive Director Pro215.com

  4. DankPursuit

    It will truly be a great day for this country, indeed the world, when she and others similarly limited in their thinking capacity are finally extinct!

    Oklahoma has got to be one of the worst states in all of America to live in. I wouldn’t even want to drive through it to get somewhere else!

    This is the State, by the way, that sentenced a mother of 4 children to 10 years in prison for selling $31 worth of weed to an undercover jerk (I mean police officer).

  5. Moth

    This poor Okie woman is totally oblivious to the fact she is wearing the symbol of the christian cult which, during the classical period of witchhunts in Europe and North America, 1480 to 1750, resulting in an estimated 100,000 executions.

    I suggest that if these christian fanatics had been smoking weed, perhaps they would not have so anxious to mutilate and murder everyone they disagreed with in the name of their “god.”.

  6. Old Hippie

    Sounds like the “Okie from Muskogee” mentality is alive and well in the 21st century…”our forefathers always did things the same way and that’s good enough for us!”

    Personally, I’m against politics, because plenty of people abuse it. What ever happened to good old states(wo)manship?

  7. HumanFaith

    What a joke… Who votes for people like this?! I’m assuming its those partisan voters who vote either Republican straight down or Democrat without actually doing ANY kind of research on any of the candidates that they vote for. Or people of a particular religion who think “This person is a christian so they MUST be a good candidate”.. Pffft…

  8. Thefoo

    This is nothing more than what Brewer is doing with the BS she is pulling sueing the feds ‘for clarification’. Which was thrown out and she’s still pursuing as if it wasn’t. We as a population in AZ voted for this law and she’s doing everything in her power to fight the will of the masses in her state.

    If this was 30+ years ago you’d see massive outcries for impeachment. Unfortunately we as a society are too busy or do not care to fight for ourselves and let the politicians have their way with our freedom. GOP should really stand for “grand old parasites”.

  9. Thefoo

    “Sounds like the “Okie from Muskogee” mentality is alive and well in the 21st century…”our forefathers always did things the same way and that’s good enough for us!””

    Well if that was true then marijuana would be outright legal and untaxed. The GOP has no idea of the history of this country. Every single man who signed the DoI grew hemp.

    It makes me cringe and cry a little when high office candidates show their complete ignorance for even the simple stuff all Americans learn in grade school history.

  10. Herb Budding

    Oklahoma is a SOUTHERN STATE, think bible-thumpers with holier-than-thou attitudes. I know about southern old timers and southern politics.I was born and grew up in Georgia.

    I sat in church hearing all the “dope smokers are hellbound” growing up, ect. If every state starting passing MMJ bills ,the southern states would be THE LAST one’s to sign on and even then they might not sign on.

    Every state could start passing straight out recreational bills and the southern states would still fight even MMJ bills. This type of backward thinking is all over the south. I moved from Georgia in 2009 to Colorado and it was the best move I ever made. I had my MMJ recommendation within 2 months.

    The south is so backward, that Georgia politicians passed a law removing Chronic Candy from stores because it supposedly tasted like pot! Reefer Madness to the extreme. All I have to say to my fellow stoners in southern states is MOVE to a state that has MMJ.

  11. lracer61

    The financial stress of a family member arrested for a plant is down right inhumane. Not only does the person getting arrested have there life go down the tubes, the whole family is set back from opportunities that make greatness. Any life who thinks it should still be illegal should be taken.

  12. Jeremiah

    Try Nebraska’s Governor and other elected officials, all of which stonewalled any argument on the subject so far. Why single out Oklahoma’s Governor? We need more scientifically minded people in many states, and not just in Oklahoma. Cast the light of common sense on them all.

  13. Charles Queen

    Some of these people maze me as to how thy can get to be a govenor and then come of with some antiquated way of thinking.Religion has nothing to di with it,as I recal there is nothing in the bible or the catholic religion that makes using marijuana a sin etc.If she was really concerned about her state so much she would be fighting to get marijuana legalized for adult use period.The financial rewards alone are reason enough to legalize it.AS I’v said so many other times that legalizing marijuana for adult use nation wide go’s way,way beyond being allowed to legal use it to get high.There’s the financial rewards,job created,plent of money to take care of the states sociao programs and the list go’s on and on.If she’s so concerned about people being high etc she might want to pull the plug from allowing people to take the narcotic based pain relievers as well as the narcotic based tranqs and sedatives that people have to use every day and night.This makes probobly a good 80 percent if not more of the people in this country walking and or driving under the influence.She makes absolutly no sense whatsoever at alll

  14. mike

    Here, maybe this won’tget censored:

    This human woman needs to get cancer. Let’s all focus cancer on her brain, now, and believe it and she will GET CANCER OF THE BRAIN. Everyone say it out loud, say her name out loud and think brain cancer.

    It works!

  15. Zachhhh

    I live in oklahoma and it is way worse than you think. There was a recent article in the local paper where law enforcement said that are going to be focusing more on marijuana because it is more dangerous than oxycontin. Don’t ever come here-its worse than you can imagine!

  16. mrwarlock

    I also live in Oklahoma, and Its bad but everybody has it or knows where to get it. I recently heard on the news that they passed a law that would give a person life in prision if caught making or posessing Hash. Also I believe you can get up two Twenty Years for any amount of plant material. That is just crazy…

  17. vickie barber

    I wish it was all gone
    Legal or illegal I don’t like it. I don’t understand why someone wants to do that that stuff is stupid. It more less is legal, it is sold in another form in these herbal shops, called with kid kosmit. Or something like that and it makes me furious. More pol smoke that now days and they get the same effect as the real stuff. It don’t matter if you legalize it or not as long as this stuff is being sold in these shops all over Oklahoma and n Texas and all over the country. And several teenagers smoke the stuff and I have 2 teenagers and it has been offered to one. And it makes me mad that this is going on being sold around here.I want this to stop being sold. Its dangerous stuff and our teens are getting it. Please help get this stuff out of the hands of our teens.

  18. james laxton

    gov. fallin you are only one person and your apinons do not make you right and if you want to be fair to the people why dont you let them vote on rather to make it legal. did you know that there is all kinds of people with all kinds of diseases that marijuana helps or do you even care. only dictators wont allow people to vote on things as inportant as this dictators think that what they think is the only right thing im suffering from lung and heart disease and can not use inhalers or nebulizers because they use sulfate in all of them and im allergic to sulfate but i guess you think i dont have the right to breath a tipicall dictator. i openly challange you to public debate unless you scared people will find out you have not done your research thank you for supplicating me and others like me have you not read where all herbs and earbs are for man but maybe you just dont believe what god says if you dont believe what i say accept my challange to a debate i dought that you will because your afraid you will be inbarrased show the state your not a dictator and put it up for a vote. thats the only honest and fair way to do it. thank you for your time james laxton

  19. Harbour

    It’s terrible that ignorant politicians are our governors. I’m truly ashamed to have her as a icon to this state. I have severe back and neck pain caused by tourettes which has led to major disfunctions in my spine, rib cage and shoulders. All of these causes intense pain and aggravation not to mention no pharmaceutical drugs really work for my tics. When I do smoke marijuana it is a natural supressant to my tics and also eases my pain drastically. Abuse is not based on the drug, it is based on the person. I don’t see why a bunch a drunk republicans are saying absolutely no to marijuana but have no problem restricting the blood flow to the brain, killing there liver, driving way to intoxicated and even allowing the possibility of death. The abuse rate, death rate, injury rate or even self Impairment rate of even aspirin is beyond levels of marijuana. Simply due to the fact that marijuana has no direct cause of these factors. If the last bit of argument left is the amount of tar consumption in the plant, then I say legalize medical marijuana and use a vaporizer. For the already legal substances that are killing and separating families and have been for the history of the united states; this small very controversial plant is nothing. You want real statistics, real proof of a gateway drug, alcohol! To all the tunnel visioned positions that don’t see change due to corruption,ignorance or greed; legalize marijuana for it can and will save the economy, keep the crime rate down drastically and help millions of people whether you wish to believe it or not!

  20. ZeeZoe

    I am sorry to say that I have known Mary Fallon for many years. I have seen how she acts to the general public and how she acts when she thinks no one is looking. She is two different people, or what you would call two faced. It does not give me pleasure to say that. She obtained her job of Governor of the state of Oklahoma in a by ruining other people and their reputation, stabbing others in the back and many other underhanded means. One would be wise NOT to take her advice or give much credit to anything she has to say. Medical marijuana has a host of benefits and no bad side effects, unlike many other drugs on the market. If big drug companies were offering some sort of incentives not to back medical marijuana you can bet that Mary Fallon would be one of the first to accept these incentives and refuse to back a beneficial product that would truly help people. Please note, it DOES NOT give me any pleasure to report things of this nature about another person, however, the public DOES need to know the TRUTH about its elected leaders since you can be certain the mainstream media will not report it.

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