A new Public Policy Polling survey shows that 51% of voters in Colorado favor the legalization of marijuana, versus 38% who say they are opposed.

According to the poll, 65% of Democrats and 55% of Independents favor legalization, while only 31% percent of Republicans do. Legalization also scored a majority of moderates (53%) and clocked high number among liberals.

The most interesting number in the poll to me was that those who voted for President Obama in 2008 favor legalization at 68%. Meanwhile Obama is busy alienating cannabis users with his reversal on medical marijuana and Colorado will be a very important swing state in 2012.

Advocates in CO are going to have an uphill battle it seems as Republicans are going to be coming out of the woodwork to unseat Obama and will have no problem voting no on marijuana legalization.

This will also be true of older voters. According to the poll, only 36% of those over 65 years old favor legalization, while all other age groups show a majority in favor, including 71% of those ages 18 to 29.

Therein lies another problem; those in their 20’s are notorious for not voting. So if they don’t go to the ballot box, any support they show in polls is worthless.

By all accounts, the marijuana legalization battle in Colorado is going to be heated. The road will be long and difficult, and at times it will seem like there is no way legalization will prevail. But that is when you redouble your efforts.

The truth about cannabis cannot be contained. It remains to be seen how successful advocates in Colorado have been at spreading that truth.

Joe Klare

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