Former talk show host and medical marijuana patient Montel Williams is part of a group of investors who recently opened up a dispensary in Sacramento, CA and now that same group is seeking licenses in our nation’s capital to do the same thing.

The Abatin Wellness Center is a non-profit group who – according to city records – is looking for licenses to open up a dispensary and cultivation facilities in D.C. The group has retained Washington D.C. lawyer Fredrick Cooke Jr. to help them with the paperwork process, and he said Montel might not be the main person in the group, but that he does play a major role.

“He is not the managing director or the driving guy,” Cooke said. “But he is certainly at a level more involved than being a face of the organization. He knows a lot about the organization, and he speaks and gets resources. He does stuff that makes the organization go.”

However a  spokesman for Montel and Abatin says that Montel is “absolutely the driving force” behind the group.

“This is not a spokesman-for-hire deal,” Jonathan Franks said. “We’re very interested in helping D.C. lead the way with a common-sense medical marijuana program that works for everyone.”

A common-sense medical marijuana program that works for everyone? A good goal, and one that most states seem to fall short of. We’ll see how close D.C. can get.

Joe Klare

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